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Cadillac STS/Escalade 2005 - 2011 Fwd / Bkwd Power Seat All Steel Gear Kit

Cadillac Escalade 2005 - 2011 Fwd / Bkwd Power Seat All Steel Gear Kit

SKU: GMC2_GK_S_Cadillac

•    Tools Needed:  Grinder and Welder
•    This is not an easy repair.  The power seat assembly was not made to be disassembled.


You will need to grind two spots to disassemble and reweld for reassembly.

2007-2013 Forward / Backward adjustment steel gear kit is good for one seat repair for Forward / Backward movement due to broken gears.  The kit comes with two steel gears mounted on two custom machined shafts and a lifetime warranty for steel gear breakage.  During installation, reuse the factory, small worm gear.


This kit also comes with a new front thrust washer, a small bottle of grease, as well as detailed instructions with colored photos. You will reuse your rear thrust disc and other mounting hardware.

This product fits all Cadillac STS/Escalade with Power Seats.


The part numbers for the seat tracks which these gears fit into are : 22-80-44-17 (228044170, 22-80-44-18 (22804418), 22-80-44-19 (22804419), 22-80-44-20 (22804420), 20-77-91-09 (20779109), 20-77-91-10 (20779110).


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