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Mercury Milan 2006 - 2011 Fwd / Bkwd Power Seat Adjustment All Steel Gear Kit

Mercury Mountaineer 2006 - 2010 Fwd / Bkwd Power Seat All Steel Gear Kit

SKU: FOR26_GK_S_Mountaineer

•    Tools Needed:  Grinder and Welder
•    This is not an easy repair.  The power seat assembly was not made to be disassembled.


You will need to grind two spots to disassemble and reweld for reassembly.

Forward / Backward adjustment steel gear kit is good for one seat repair for Forward / Backward movement due to broken gears.  The kit comes with two steel gears mounted on two custom machined shafts and a lifetime warranty for steel gear breakage.  During installation, reuse the factory, small worm gear.


This kit also comes with a new front thrust washer, a small bottle of grease, as well as detailed instructions with colored photos. You will reuse your rear thrust disc and other mounting hardware.


The part numbers for the seat tracks which these gears fit into are : 22-80-44-17 (228044170, 22-80-44-18 (22804418), 22-80-44-19 (22804419), 22-80-44-20 (22804420), 20-77-91-09 (20779109), 20-77-91-10 (20779110).


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